Resources for Parents

Extra Resources

The file below contains many wonderful websites and apps you can try. They offer a range of extra resources in different curriculum areas including a daily timetable and a handwashing routine!


Download this file (extra educational resources.pdf)extra educational resources.pdf[extra educational resources]1820 kB

Calming Resources

The files below contain resources to allow you to discuss any anxiety your child may be experiencing. It also includes mindfulness breathing exercises and yoga poses you might like to try to reduce anxiety.


Download this file (Breathe-Calm-Connect-Minipack-.pdf)Breathe-Calm-Connect-Minipack-.pdf[Breathe-Calm-Connect-Minipack]1742 kB

Sports Clubs and Activities


Resources for Parents

Makaton - the Makaton Charity page is a very useful website for Makaton users and those wishing to learn more about Makaton.  We encourage you to take a look at the website, particularly the Sign of the Week.

Download this file (AM2 medical form TO BE FILLED IN BY G.P.pdf)AM2 medical form TO BE FILLED IN BY G.P.pdf[AM2 Medical Form]136 kB
Download this file (Educational Maintainance Allowance.pdf)Educational Maintainance Allowance.pdf[Educational Maintenance Allowance]179 kB
Download this file (EMA application form.pdf)EMA application form.pdf[EMA Application Form]325 kB
Download this file (EMA application guidance.pdf)EMA application guidance.pdf[EMA Application Guidance]137 kB
Download this file (Free School Meals Application Form 2015-16.pdf)Free School Meals Application Form 2015-16.pdf[Free School Meals application form 2015-2016]416 kB
Download this file (Free School Meals Guidance 2015 2016.pdf)Free School Meals Guidance 2015 2016.pdf[Free School Meals guidance 2015-2016]228 kB