Therapy Links - April 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are keeping safe and well at home. We miss all of your children’s little faces!

We want to help you at home as much as we can. We have already been speaking to lots of you individually by phone and have sent out individually tailored resources to those who have asked.

We have now also pulled together some useful links and videos that you might find useful.

Victoria, Aisling and Lisa


If anyone is on pinterest we have a pinterest page with useful activity ideas and advice. More should be uploaded soon.

Our page is CYPSLT.

PECS Users

Easter PECS - We have now sent Easter pecs symbols to lots of you by post. I have attached it again below in case you didn’t get it.

Video 1 – how to get started -                    

Video 2    – how to progress as your child starts to get it -

Video 3    – once your child has the hang of exchanging a picture, begin to increase how far they have to travel to you -                                               

Pixon/Communciation book/board and Device users

Easter and Spring Pixon fringe strips we have sent these out to most of you. I have attached a copy below in case you didn’t get it.

Video 1    – the importance of modelling vocabulary to your child on their board/device (this is called AIDED LANGUAGE STIMULATION) -                    

Video 2          - example of aided language stimulation       -

Targetting specific core vocabulary – I have attached below some specific activity idea for working on go/stop, like, want, help, again and more.

Makaton users

Check out for useful information and signs


Other Useful websites



We have attached a list of communication apps that you might find useful

Coming soon

Over the coming weeks we hope to upload some videos of us using PECS, pixon boards and Makaton for various activities.

Please let us know if you would like to see any activities in particular.

Download this file (Core Vocabulary WOW collection.pdf)Core Vocabulary WOW collection.pdf[Core Vocabulary WOW collection]436 kB
Download this file (Easter PECS.pdf)Easter PECS.pdf[Easter PECS]192 kB
Download this file (loveactivity_activity_planner_final.pdf)loveactivity_activity_planner_final.pdf[loveactivity_activity_planner_final]139 kB
Download this file (spring and easter pixon_.pdf)spring and easter pixon_.pdf[spring and easter pixon]191 kB
Download this file (Useful apps.pdf)Useful apps.pdf[Useful Apps]443 kB