Leavers Class

Leavers Update - January 2018

Leavers pupils have hit the New Year hard and fast - we’ve been back to the SRC and had great experiences in class doing Baking Skills, Photography and learning how to keep safe on the internet.

We’ve also been preparing for the Young Enterprise Cross Border Trade Fair - our theme is ‘Recycle, Upcycle and we’ve been busy making our products.

We’ve also enjoyed taking part in the Gathering Drums drumming sessions.

The key theme this term is Healthy Eating and our pupils have been busy in cookery making lots of healthy options - steamed vegetables have been a real success.

We’ve also been going to use the facilities in Banbridge Leisure Centre., to support our Prince’s Trust accreditation Participating in Exercise.

Leavers’ Class December 2017 Update

What a month!!!

Leavers were so busy putting the finishing touches to the Young Enterprise products - thank you so much for your support! We also enjoyed the rehearsals and final presentation of our take on Scrooge. The pupils did an excellent job and had so much fun on stage - we are all very proud of their efforts! We enjoyed going to the SRC to attend their annual tea dance.

We also made Christmas dinner in class - lots of fun preparing the vegetables - but it was all worth it in the end. We have also been busy making lots of Christmas craft which we hope you like.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful 2018.

Leavers Class November 2017 Update

November saw the end of our first module in the SRC - our pupils have excelled themselves and really enjoyed the opportunity to embrace new experiences.

Leavers pupils have undertaken the first of their Big Work Challenges. With a list of jobs to complete, parents are encouraged to take a break, while our young people complete a range of jobs around the house - well done everyone for taking part so enthusiastically.

The highlight of November of course had to be the Ice Hockey in Belfast - everyone had a fantastic time - we look forward to attending this again next year.

Look out for the Christmas brochure from Bright Sparks, our Young Enterprise team, coming soon!!!

Leavers Class - October 2017 update

October has been a busy month in the Leavers class - we have continued with our Participation and Inclusion workshop with Barnardos - this is preparing our pupils for life beyond Donard School - encouraging our pupils to use their own voice.

Time has also been spent preparing our Friday dinners - from the researching of recipes and making shopping lists, to the cooking of the dishes - all have got the thumbs up so far!

Work has continued in our courses in the SRC - we’ve enjoyed learning lots of new skills.

It was also great to have a visit from a former pupil, Nathan. We got to see how he has kept himself busy since leaving Donard - well done Nathan!

Leavers Class - September 2017 update

September has brought big changes to Leavers - a new teacher and a new classroom, but the Leavers are adapting very well to their new circumstances.

We have spent the month getting to know each other, and paying each other some lovely compliments. We’ve also been getting back to basics in the kitchen, looking at Health and Safety and planning our meals for Term 1 - we’ll be very busy in the kitchen.

We also celebrated Jake’s 18th birthday in class - enjoying lots of treats with our friends from Class 12.

We’ve returned to the SRC, where we have been busy with our new courses - Bench Joinery, Hair Care and Brick Laying.

We are looking forward to a great year of fun times and happy memories!

Leavers’ Class June 2016 Update

Leavers’ Class have had an action packed June!

We started the month with a day out to Newcastle - A walk along the promenade, a beautiful lunch at the Burrendale Hotel and even a little paddle!

Some of our pupils went to SHARE and met a whole new bunch of friends from Rathore!

Anna won a prize for Empathy and Compassion while Nathan picked up the award for Community Spirit.

Our Prize Giving and Leavers’ Assembly was an emotional celebration!

Leavers’ Class May 2016 Update

The pupils are planning ‘The Last Supper’ - one final meal together before some of the older pupils leave. As would be usual in leavers we used it as a learning opportunity and pupils achieved an OCR unit accreditation along the way. One group researched suitable recipes, another group made the shopping list and yet another group used Google to find the TESCO website and work out how much the ingredients would cost - Well done Leavers – Can’t wait for my starters, mains and dessert!

Leavers Class Tesco Visit

We went to the warehouse in Tesco. We saw the workers using health and safety rules. We saw the big lorries making deliveries. We saw where they stored everything. We went to Portadown SRC. They have a mock shop. We got to practice everything we have been learning about - customer service, keeping the workplace clean and tidy and health and safety. By Anna. 

Leavers’ Class March 2016 update

A creative month for pupils in Leavers’ Class! Some of them were interviewed for the BBC School Report Project while ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ served porridge and fruit at our Healthy Food Fayre. Everyone benefited from Extended Schools Funding and tried their hand at pottery during Golden Tme - each pupil made a farmyard tile and glazed it - we can’t wait to see the finished product when they are all put together!