Early Years Update - May 2019

In Early Years, we have been working hard to achieve our IEP targets with much success. We have been using a range of different ‘tools’ to paint; including potatoes and cleaning brushes. Great fun! Hopefully the sunflowers that we planted will start to bloom soon. We have all really enjoyed our Disney Fun Week, experiencing lots of new activities and joining in with our friends throughout the school.

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Early Years Update - February 2019

Early Years have had lots of fun exploring Valentine’s art and sensory activities. We investigated different foods for the Chinese New Year and experimented with cooked and uncooked noodles and rice. All the children have been enjoying our communication group and making choices for their favourite Nursery Rhymes. We all made grass heads and have been watering them to make their grass hair grow. We celebrated two big Fourth birthday parties this month.

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Early Years Update - January 2019

Happy new year to everyone!! All the Early Years pupils have settled back into school life after their time off over Christmas. Our topic this month has been nursery rhymes; where the children have enjoyed ‘patting cakes’ in our bakery and finding the black sheep in our farm tray. Our pupils have participated in the drumming workshop where they sit well and make lots of noise banging the drums!!!

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Early Years Update - November 2018

The Early Years have been enjoying a lot of play experiences in their outside classroom this month. We have been experimenting with dry leaves, wet and dry sand and different light resources. We all enjoyed putting the glow sticks into the water tray to make the water glow and throwing the leaves at each other. Our Occupational Therapy group has started and we are developing our fine motor skills, as well as our attention and engagement. It was great meeting all of our parents during the IEP meetings and hearing how all of the children are getting on at home.

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Early Years Update - October 2018

We have had lots of fun this month exploring our school and settling in to our new routines. We have enjoyed lots of sensory activities, playing in coloured rice, sand, water, pasta leaves and paint– we love getting very messy!

Our topic is ‘All about Me’ and the staff are getting to know all our favourite things. We are looking forward to using all our senses to explore the topic of ‘Autumn’.

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EYP Update - April 2018

The boys in early years are looking at all of the different colours of the rainbow. We have enjoyed tasting different red, orange, yellow and green food items, as well as discovering what coloured resources are in our box during communication group.

We would like to welcome our new friend in to early years. He has settled well into our class.

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