Class 9 Update - June 2019

June has been ‘out of this world’ for class 9. The ‘Space’ topic has been in full flight. We made our own model rockets out of junk materials, created straw rockets and carried out balloon rocket experiments. Each pupil did their own research on a planet and we even made rocket themed ‘Father’s Day’ cards. The climax to the topic was visiting the Armagh Planetarium. The pupils learned all about the solar system in a visual display in the dome building. They also had the opportunity to build their own rockets in groups and launched them into the sky. We have an extra bonus of watching a production about the beginning of time performed by ‘Cahoots Theatre Group.’

We have also been out and about in the community as part of the Eco Team. We helped to clear away some vegetation getting ready to plant a hedge in the autumn time. We had a visit to Lough Neagh discovery Centre and the pupils learned about local birds, did a spot of bird watching and went on a nature trail to look for bugs that make up a large part of the diet of the bird wildlife.

We hope everyone has a great summer and look forward to seeing everyone again in the new term.