Class 9 Update - January 2019

Ship Ahoy from Class 9! The pupils have really enjoyed their topic based on the ‘Shipping Industry in Northern Ireland.’ Going to the Titanic Museum was a favourite and all the pupils learned how the famous Titanic Ship was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast. They even got to ride in a cable car that took them on a journey to discover what was involved in the shipyard worker’s jobs. They were able to follow the Titanic story to the moment it hit an iceberg and sank. All the pupils were lucky to discover what the shipwreck now looks like at the bottom of the ocean. Back in class we made our own Titanic models using junk materials. We invited Class 11 to join us for a Titanic themed Tea party. Everyone dressed up in period clothes and had a wonderful time eating delicious scones, finger sandwiches and tea cakes, followed by a photo session at the lifeboat and fun games in the hall to complete our event. Bon Voyage from Class 9!