Class 9

Class 9 Update - January 2018

Happy New Year from Class 9 ! The pupils completed work on the final part of their topic based on ‘Our Local Community.’ They carried out a survey to find out what amenities are available in Banbridge town. We learned about the history of the town, the linen industry and discovered Dunbar School, where Donard School first began. We had a go at weaving and all the pupils made their own posters or leaflets about areas that particularly interested them. We have started our new topic about ‘Healthy Eating and Lifestyles’. We had a sandwich challenge and all the pupils had to create their own sandwich.

Classes 9 & 11 are part of the Eco Schools Team. We have been learning about biodiversity and wanted to discover ways that we can improve our school grounds and encourage wildlife to visit there. We have been taking part in the ‘Grassroots Challenge Programme’ organised by Ulster Wildlife. We completed a survey of school grounds to find out where we could make improvements. We learned to identify the variety of birds that visit our gardens and we made bird feed cones and rings to hang up in our school grounds. We also had a visit from a bat and we learned about its nocturnal habits and what it needs to survive. We even made our own bats in art!

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Class 9 November 2017 Update

As always we have had a very busy month in Class 9, we are continuing with our ‘Local Area’ topic this month. In cookery we made sausages and champ, a dish that went down very well! We have also been learning the address of our school . We had a very interesting visit from the Environmental Council Officer all about ideas we could explore as part of Eco Schools. The pupils enjoyed learning about how to make compost with a little help from our friendly earth worm.

The most exciting day we had this month was our trip to the SSE Arena in Belfast to watch an ice hockey match between two American teams. The pupils and staff had a great time! Thank you to James, one of our staff, who brought in some ice hockey gear for our pupils to try on.

We are very busy with rehearsals for our senior school production of “A Christmas Carole.” We hope you are able to come and support us. We would like to welcome our friend Ryan to class 9.

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Class 9 - October 2017 update

We have had an eventful month in Class 9. Senior School pupils entered a Boccia Tournament, organised by Disability NI. All the pupils enjoyed taking part and tried their very best. We have also been learning some rugby ball skills with James, a new member to our staff. You can tell by the picture, all the pupils are having great fun as well as keeping fit. We have also been playing some maths games with a ‘pirate treasure island’ theme, that involved using our counting and money skills. Our new topic, ‘My Local Area’ is in full swing. The pupils have been using Google Maps to find their homes online. They were investigating how long it took everyone to travel to school. We also carried out a traffic survey and decided that Banbridge is a busy town. We made models of our homes using junk materials and I’m sure you will agree, they did a very good job! We have been focusing on Northern Ireland in our cookery. We made soda bread and also an Ulster breakfast. We hope everyone has a well earned rest and enjoys their half term break.

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Class 9 - September 2017 update

Welcome to the new school year! In Class 9 we have Paul, Dylan, Benito, Josh, Ewan and William. A special welcome to Simon, Tristan and Lucy who have also joined the class and are new pupils in Senior School. We have had a busy start to September and all the pupils have been getting into the swing of things. We have been going fishing on Fridays. The pupils have been learning to have great patience and to be quiet so as not to frighten the fish away! We were very excited to see a helicopter land in the playing field. Class 9 had a birds eye view from their new classroom. We have been embracing the new season and our art work has featured lots of autumn printing, blown paint and clay work. The pupils also designed their own cool skateboard that included their name and some of things that interest them. We familiarized ourselves with kitchen equipment and made a few pupil favorites in cookery; pizza and pancakes are always a big hit. Class 9 and Class 11 will be in charge of Eco-Schools and we will keep you informed of all the activities we are planning.

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Class 9 June 2016 Update

This month the pupils have had the opportunity to choose their own topic to study. Class 9 pupils picked ‘Disney’ as their choice. We have been in the jungle, under the sea and in outer space! We made ‘Honey Bear Buns’ in cookery for our ‘Jungle Book 'week. We created our own ‘Nemo’ underwater pictures and we made a Star Wars ‘Yoda’ card for Father’s Day. We have been doing a lot of measuring this month; length, weight and capacity. The pupils enjoyed using the balance scales and comparing them to the electronic scales. In Drama, our pupils pretended to be in a barber’s shop. We had good fun learning how to have a wet shave. We have been very lucky with weather and Class 9 have enjoyed walking over to Solitude Park to use the outdoor gym. We have had a brilliant year and the staff are very proud of all our pupils. Thank you to our parents for their continued support. We hope you have a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing everyone in the new term.

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Class 9 May 2016 Update

Class 9 enjoyed their visit to the Ulster Museum in Belfast. We got to handle lots of Egyptian artefacts and we even got to see a real mummy, called Takabuti. The pupils enjoyed exploring other areas within the museum especially the interactive room. Everyone enjoyed their day and staff were very impressed by how all our pupils could remember so many Egyptian facts. The month of May has brought our ‘Volcano’ topic to an end. The pupils created lots of volcano pictures and models, and volcanoes have been our inspiration in cookery. We carried out our own volcanic eruption experiments using vinegar, baking soda and food colouring. We leanred all about the Giant’s Causeway and how it was formed. We also learned about the famous legend of the giant, Finn McCool. The pupils had great fun role playing the Irish and Scottish giants. Our pupils got the opportunity to watch and listen to the Ulster Orchestra play live in concert. We have been focussing on travelling safely in our community. The pupils have been putting their ‘Green Cross Code’ into action and enjoyed playing the role of a lollypop person assisting others on their way to school.

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Class 9 Update - April 2016

Class 9 have begun a new explosive topic about ‘Volcanoes’. We have completed a variety of art work. We explored some famous volcanic paintings and then created our own versions. We made volcanic eruptions using straws to blow paint across our page. We even made our own volcanic models using cone shapes. Volcanoes have also featured in our cookery. We made volcano shaped soda bread and yummy chocolate cherry volcano cookies. The pupils worked very hard on their ‘Big Work Challenge’ and thoroughly enjoyed their reward; a fun day bowling!

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Class 9 March 2016 Update

March has given our pupils a ‘spring’ in their step! We have enjoyed our pottery workshop, creating tiles featuring sheep and baby lambs. We couldn’t forget our wonderful Mums at this time of year. We made Mother’s Day Cards and truffles to say thank you. We celebrated ‘World Book Day’ by dressing up as our favourite book characters. It’s not often you have a cat in a hat in class! We have been continuing with our topic work based on the ‘Egyptians’. We have been writing our names in hieroglyphics. You can see our pupils creating Egyptian ice-cream with a fruity sauce. Our pupils made their Egyptian couscous with flatbread and salad for the Healthy Food Fayre. We hope you get a chance to watch our pupils performing in the BBC School Report. We are very proud of them!

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Class 9 February 2016 Update

February has been a diverse month with lots of activities for our pupils. The ‘Egyptians’ topic is well underway. We completed our Egyptian jewelry making Hawk Pharaoh Necklaces and creating treasure boxes to keep them in. The pupils enjoyed designing their own Pharaoh headdresses and our Valentine cards had an ‘Egyptian’ theme to them. We also made valentine biscuit treats to accompany our cards. We celebrated the Chinese New Year and made a stir-fry with long noodles. We have also been keeping fit in fun ways. Senior School have been taking hip-hop dance classes. The pupils enjoyed showing off their dance moves. Action Cancer paid a visit to discuss the dangers of smoking and alcohol. The pupils got to inflate healthy and unhealthy lungs. What a busy schedule!

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January in Class 9

Class 9 have had a busy start to the new school year. We have embarked on our new topic, ‘The Egyptians.’ We have been exploring the geography of Egypt; its landscape and weather. We learned how important the River Nile was to the Ancient Egyptian people and their way of life. We compared farming during that period with modern farming. The Egyptian theme has been extended through our cooking and artwork. You can see our pupils making a couscous dish and some Egyptian jewellery from clay.

We have been learning about the importance of water for our bodies. We carried out a ‘taste test’ guessing each drink, making choices and recording which drinks we liked or disliked.

We all enjoyed the Scottish Piper who came to school to celebrate ‘Burn’s Day.’ Some of our pupils took part in the ‘Sensory Sensations’ workshop. As you can see from our photos, they had great fun!

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Class 9 - November 2015 Update

November has been another busy month. All the pupils performed really well at the Banbridge Festival. We have continued exploring the topic ‘My Body.’ The pupils carried out a survey to find out the most popular eye colour in Senior School. They also carried out practical investigations to explore differences in our bodies. They measured their hands and feet, ordering them from smallest to largest in the class. We also considered ways to look after our body, keeping it clean and healthy.

As part of our ‘Learning for Life and Work’, we have been considering the jobs of people in the medical field, who help to take care of us when we are ill or injured. We learned about the role of the paramedic who travels in all kinds of ambulance vehicles. We enjoyed a visit from a real life paramedic and got see inside an ambulance.

The pupils enjoyed some creative activities. They had fun designing their own monsters, with unusual body parts. They also created monster buns with many strange facial features!

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Class 9 Update - October 2015

Class 9 have packed lots of work into the month of October but have taken time to do fun activities also. We enjoyed a special lunch out and cinema visit to celebrate a pupil’s birthday. In Home Economics this month we made apple crumble, fairy cakes and chocolate brownies. In our body topic we looked at bones, the heart and the lungs.

The boys know their poems for the festival very well and are working hard at speaking and signing them. Our weekly swimming lessons are enjoyed by all the boys as are our weekly football coaching sessions.

We linked up with Class 10 for autumn fruit/vegetable tasting and leaf art. The boys also enjoyed a selection of Smartie treats during the Smartie party which followed our harvest assembly.

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