Class 7

Class 7 Update - June 2019

Not much sun, but still loads of fun in June!

Everyone got special mention at prize day and two of ‘Our Girls’ were worthy winners of cups - one for effort and the other for swimming - Well done ladies!

In June we’ve been trying to get out and about as much as possible. Our trips to the play park, Scarva Towpath, Tesco and Solitude have been enjoyed by all - going outside school really is one of the most multisensory experiences that each pupil loves for very different reasons!

Let’s hope the sun shines during the summer!

Have a great one :0)

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Class 7 Update - May 2019

May saw the introduction of a new sensory story in class 7 - It’s called ‘I Can Plant a Rainbow’! Our favourite part is when we get our socks and shoes off to plant seeds on our feet and water them!

All thoughts of topic work went out the window when DISNEY and the BIG FUN WEEK arrived. While 2 out of our room jetted off to Paris to meet Mickey the rest of us enjoyed a week packed with fun and activities designed just to suit us. Smiles and giggles all round!

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Class 7 Update - March 2019

Class 7 are delighted that spring has brought some good weather! - One of our very favourite activities is to go outside exploring. Take a look at ‘Banbridge Rocks’ on Facebook, - we’ve been searching for painted rocks at the local park on our way for a swing or a turn on the trampoline or roundabout!

World book day was a big hit with Class 7. They invited their friends from Class 12 to share a sensory story with them. Yummy, smelly, squishy, tinkly fun had by all!

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Class 7 Update - February 2019

Class 7 are loving our new topic ‘Up, Up and away’!

Our stories, cookery, P.E. and art have taken us on a sensory journey around the world on a flying carpet - Chinese Music, Indian Dance, Koala Handprints, African Banana Bread and Mexican Fiesta have been the order of the day.

We loved celebrating Valentine’s day because we got to wear our own clothes :0)

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Class 7 Update - January 2019

Pupils in Class 7 have been learning more about Winter this month. We have decorated our classroom with sparkly icicles, winter owls and snowflakes. Each Friday, we enjoy cooking a winter warmer recipe. Our favourite by far has been the chilli chicken noodle dish we made - we LOVE it spicy! Music and movement in the PE hall has been fun too - we get to go on a sleigh ride, ice skate and play the Winter Hokey Pokey!

We were delighted to learn that we get another term of music therapy. Neal has got to know us all really well and we have quite a band going now!

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Class 7 Update - November 2018

Class 7 have been very busy this month!!

It was our turn to visit the ‘Donard Diner’ and we were treated like celebrities! We really enjoyed our break and the service was 5*— well done everyone!

We had a visit from the Police and got to try on their hats, sit in the cars and put on the flashing lights. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We went to ‘Sensory Sensations’ and enjoyed time in the Sensory Lounge. The Sensory Lounge was a big hit!

As well as all the nice things we got to do, we have been working really hard with our IEP work, enjoying Art, P.E and Cookery.

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Class 7 Update - October 2018

Class 7 are loving this mild Autumn weather. This month we’ve taken our parachute outside and used the Autumn leaves in our PE lessons. Everyone could anticipate when they were going to be showered by crunchy leaves!!

What better ingredients to explore and cook with in Autumn than warming spicy sauces. In October class 7 have enjoyed chilli, curry and sweet and sour sauces. Cookery is always a big hit every Friday because we get to eat dinner twice!!

We love getting out and about around the school. This month pupils in class 7 join their friends in the rest of the school for Clubs each Wednesday afternoon—’The Chill Zone’, ‘Out and About’, ‘Stage Struck Drama Group ‘, ‘Get up and Go’ or ‘Cookery Club’.

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Class 7 Update - September 2018

We are delighted to welcome one new pupil and two new staff (‘Big Chloe’ and Sharon) to Class 7.

The pupils in class 7 have been showing off their skills in assessment month. It’s been a great way for our new staff to get to know each pupil’s abilities and needs. Our new topics are ‘Sensational Stories’ and ‘Autumn’. You can tell by the photos it’s been great start to the new school year!

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Class 7 Update - June 2018

What a busy June Class 7 have had! We loved our World Cup themed Sports Day at the Leisure Centre and were happy to celebrate with two of our pupils when they won awards at Prize Giving Day. In class, we’ve been learning more about Summer by having water play and making summer desserts—our very favourite was Eton Mess. The weather wasn't kind to us on our outing day but we made the most of it and went to Oxford Island where we could shelter below the trees during the showers. Bowling with our friends in the rest of the senior school finished the year with a bang!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy summer holidays - hope the sun keeps shining!

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Class 7 Update - April 2018

There’s nothing more that Class 7 love than getting out and about! Luckily the sun has been shining on us this month and everyone has enjoyed being outside. Two of our pupils celebrated their 16th birthdays this month and we all enjoyed celebrating with them. Back in the classroom we have started exploring and learning about this term’s topic ‘Under the Sea’.

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Class 7 Update - March 2018

This month in class 7 we have been showing off our skills during the official opening where we got to showcase the newly built ICT hub. We loved it when the parents joined in for parachute games during the open morning. But at the end of the day we still like to play with all our favourite toys although Nikki is a meanie because she makes us work for them!!

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