Class 7

Class 7 November 2017 Update

A busy month in class 7! The pupils have been working hard at their IEP targets and are making great progress.

They love when it’s their turn to go to TESCO with their friends in Class 6 - sometimes the rest of us even get a treat when they come back!

They’ve been helping to make some comfort food dishes in sensory cookery. The spicy ones are a definite favorite.

Their very favorite thing this month was using a switch to blow paint for the ‘naughty elephant’ display - I think they liked the warm air from the hairdryer more than the paint??

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Class 7 - October 2017 update

Class 7 have been learning through the topic of ‘The Circus’. We’ve been working hard in art to decorate the room just like a big top!

Each Friday we have taken a musical trip to The Circus too - while working out in PE.

One of our favourite ICT lessons this month has been getting to control the hairdryer for our naughty circus elephant pictures.

We’ve all loved getting out and about in October too - we’ve had great fun exploring!

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Class 7 - September 2017 Update

What a great start to the new school year! September has been assessment month. We have packed in as many activities as possible so we can get to know Aimee, Rachel, Nicola, Aleena, Chloe, Josh and Logan. The staff team have been watching carefully to see how our pupils respond to whatever is offered to them. This will help inform us so we can make individual plans for the incoming school year. We are confident it will be full of fun, learning and discovery!

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