Class 6 Update - May 2019

May has been the busiest month for Class 6. We have enjoyed lots of shared learning sessions with St. Mary’s exploring Forces and motion. We enjoyed making cars and buggies and racing them using magnets and balloons. Science Sue was a huge hit and we were all amazed at how exciting science and engineering can be, we even got to vacuum pack a toy horse and send Peppa Pig into space.

Big Fun Week was jam packed with lots of amazing activities. We laughed at Louie, jumped around in the Funhouse, watched a movie in the cinema and made a bear and of course ate lots of sweets and treats.

This month we have also been busy investigating our topic ‘Living Things’. We know how to identify living things and we have been looking at how plants grow and magnifying Mini-beasts to get a better look at the different parts of lots of insects and bugs.