Class 6 Update - September 2018

Class 6 are all really happy to be back to school and we have spent some time getting to know each other.

We have been doing lots of activities to show how we can do things all by ourselves. Our new topic for Term 1 is ‘fairy tales’ and we have started building a castle for our out for pictures in next month’s newsletter!

In cookery, we have made playdough, toasties and apple crumble. We loved using the apple coring utensil and slicing machine.

In art, we have been doing some self-portrait work and painting beautiful pictures of scarecrows.

We started swimming again last week and we are having a splashing time, everyone is so keen to show off their skills and confidence in the water.

We also had a big birthday in Class 6 this month, celebrating her 10th birthday. Happy birthday!!