Class 6

Class 6 Update - February 2018

February has just flown in!

This month we have been investigating fruits and vegetables and looking at healthy and unhealthy foods.

We have been very adventurous tasting lots of different foods and everybody really enjoyed the green vegetable and red vegetable soups that we made in cookery.

On Pancake Day we had lots of fun making pancakes with Class 5. We tasted pancakes with lots of different toppings...they were yummy!

We have really enjoyed the drumming workshops with Joe and in music we are learning our new songs for the festival in April!

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Class 6 Update - January 2018

Class 6 are off to a great start for the New Year.

Everyone has been working so well! We have begun our new topic on healthy eating and we’re having lots of fun tasting foods and exploring fruit and vegetables.

We have also been learning about what animals do in Winter. In cookery we made pizzas, a variety of fruit smoothies and toasties. We have also started drumming this term and are learning our new song for festival. This month we have had 2 birthdays in class 6! A big Happy Birthday to Kai and Jack!!

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Class 6 November 2017 Update

Back with a bang this month after the Halloween break. We are busy, busy, busy!!

We have been learning more about our ‘People who Help Us’ topic. This month we have been focusing on the emergency services and we were so excited when the ambulance came to school to visit.

We are all star bakers in Class 6, this month we made pizza pinwheels and fifteens. We have also been doing some money work this month and we’ve been busy rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity.

We can’t wait to show everyone what superstars we are when you come to see the show!

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Class 6 - September 2017 update

Class 6 have are all really happy to be back to school and we have spent some time getting to know each other and we have also welcomed a new pupil, Sarah. Class 6 have all been very kind helping her to settle in.

On our 1st week, we saw a helicopter landing beside school. It was so exciting (and noisy and windy!)

In cookery, we have made playdough, shortbread and toasties.

In art, we had lots of fun using our feet to paint. We also enjoyed the spinning plate art.

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Class 6 May 2016 Update

Class 6 have been learning about a very famous person for this month - Neil Armstrong.

We have been doing lots of numeracy work about the topic of time and have enjoyed drama this month, doing lots of role play.

In cookery we have made chocolate chip buns and mini sponge cakes.

Class 6 had a great day at the sponsored walk, we particularly liked the play park in Moira. We also took another trip to The Funhouse this month because we loved it so much the last time!

We joined up with Class 5 for some sensory play.

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Class 6 April 2016 Update

Class 6 have settled in well to our new classroom. We have started our new topic of Famous people and this month we have been learning about the Queen. We have really enjoyed watching videos of the Queen throughout her life and learning about her family and her job. As it was the Queen’s 90thbirthday this month, Class 6 hosted an afternoon tea party for Junior School which was a great success. In cookery we have made Malteaser buns, lemon tarts and an afternoon tea for the birthday party.

Class 6 were all superstars and worked hard on their Big Home Challenge and as a reward we went to the Funhouse which was a great day out.

This month we have also had Bag Books in telling us a story about a little seed. We had a lovely sensory afternoon outside in the sun and we had some more TAG rugby sessions which have been lots of fun.

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Class 6 March 2016 Update

What a busy month for Class 6. This month Class 6 have moved to a new classrooms to help with the building work. The pupils have been super helping to move things and we all like our new classroom. In our water topic we have been looking at water changing to ice and steam and watching jelly changing from solid to liquid. In cookery we have made Butterfly Buns for Mother’s Day, Lucky Charm Buns for St. Patrick’s Day and Mini Egg Rocky Road Buns for Easter.

We finished our pottery, celebrated World Book Day and St. Patrick’s Day and had a Healthy Food Day this month. Class 6 enjoyed trying lots of different foods.

Two pupils celebrated their 10th birthday in Class 6 this month.

We also went to Café Coco for a treat for all of the hard work moving classrooms.

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Class 6 February 2016 Update

February has been a busy month in class 6. In our water topic we have been looking at waterproof materials and doing some floating and sinking experiments. We have completed lots of fun activities. In cookery we have made pizza pinwheels, pancakes and mini quiches. Pancake Tuesday was our favourite cookery this month, we got to choose lots of yummy toppings for our pancakes.

We had more sensory sensations sessions this month, which the boys and girls in class 6 have all loved. We have also been taking part in pottery classes this month making and decorating tiles and sheep.

One lucky boy had his birthday in February too and we went out for lunch to Friar Tucks to celebrate!

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Class 6 January Update

In January we have started a new topic learning all about water. We have had water drop races, made bubble monsters and talked about what we use water for in school and at home. We tested to see if materials are waterproof. We have completed lots of fun activities. In cookery we have made shortbread, strawberry cheesecake and top hats.

Class 6 are also learning about measures and we have been filling bottles and jugs to see which holds the most.

We are also taking part in sensory sensations and having a ball, it is great fun.

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