Class 6

Class 6 Update - January 2020

Happy New Year everyone from all of Class 6!!

We kicked off the New Year with a Healthy Eating Day where we tasted lots of different foods and then enjoyed a dance session with Kelly Fitsteps.

We have started our new topic of celebrations and this month we learned about New Year and the Chinese New Year. We even learned some Chinese greetings and phrases.

We have also been learning about Winter and Arctic Animals. We had lots of fun trying to help the animals escape when they were trapped in the ice. We also had fun testing magnetic materials.

In cookery we made Stick Man Banana Muffins, Winter Vegetable Soup and had a Chinese Buffet, which was a huge hit with everyone. Being very authentic in our Chinese Restaurant we used chopsticks and had a fortune cookie to finish our meal.

We have also created some lovely Winter Art and using charcoal and chalk we made beautiful penguins which are proudly displayed in our classroom.

We also had 3 birthdays in Class 6 in January, 2 birthday boys and a birthday girl. Happy Birthday!!

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Class 6 Update - November 2019

This year it was ‘Remember, Remember the 8th of November,’ as Class 6 did an amazing job on their first ever visit to Banbridge Speech and Drama Festival. One member of the class even came away with the Winner’s Cup for saying her poem ‘Bomb’. Congratulations and well done!!

We have been busy continuing with our topic of Houses and Homes, looking at different rooms in the house, exploring materials for building and thinking of imaginary homes - like the old woman who lives in a shoe?!

In cookery we have been as adventurous as ever, making firework cookies, breakfast muffins and pineapple upside down cakes.

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Class 6 Update - October 2019

October brings Harvest and Halloween. Class 6 have really enjoyed using lots of Autumn materials in our counting. We have been exploring Autumn objects on our Seasons table.

We have been learning more about houses and homes and made lovely lollipop stick houses with our families inside.

Everyone loved finding their house on Google Earth.

We did fantastic singing at the Harvest assembly.

In cookery, we made pizza pinwheels, porridge, skeleton gingerbread men and cheesy toasties. In art, we have made some spooky haunted silhouette pictures and made some skeletons and pumpkins.

We hammered pegs into pumpkins and had some messy fun smashing pumpkins when we were done.

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Class 6 Update - September 2019

Its lovely to see everyone again after the summer holidays. Class 6 are all really happy to be back to school and we have spent some time settling into new rountines and getting to know each other.

We have engaged in lots of fine motor tasks, played listening games and completed lots of literacy and numeracy tasks. We have also been doing lots of activities to show how well we can do things independently. Our new topic for term 1 is Houses and Homes and we have been painting pictures of our homes.
In cookery, we have made rice krispie buns, playdough, fifteens and tortilla pizzas. In art, we have been doing some self-portrait work and monster art attack; making blow paint monsters and silly face monsters.

We also celebrated 2 birthdays this month. We would like to wish a girl in our class a very happy 8th birthday and a boy a very happy 9th birthday!!

We are all looking forward to a busy year!!

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Class 6 Update - June 2019

We have finished off the year in style. After a fantastic year of fun and learning with the boys and girls from St. Mary’s we went to Lisburn bowl to celebrate the end of the year. It was lots of fun!!

We have continued our topic of living things, looking at Minibeasts and insects, identifying parts of their body under the microscope. Watching our butterflies hatch from their cocoons and releasing them was all very exciting.

We all got awards on prize day, for being superstars and an extra well done to the 2 pupils in Class 6 who received a special prize.

This month we also celebrate 4 birthdays in Class 6, 2 of whom have birthdays during the summer. We would like to wish everyone a lovely summer. Hope the sun shines!!

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Class 6 Update - May 2019

May has been the busiest month for Class 6. We have enjoyed lots of shared learning sessions with St. Mary’s exploring Forces and motion. We enjoyed making cars and buggies and racing them using magnets and balloons. Science Sue was a huge hit and we were all amazed at how exciting science and engineering can be, we even got to vacuum pack a toy horse and send Peppa Pig into space.

Big Fun Week was jam packed with lots of amazing activities. We laughed at Louie, jumped around in the Funhouse, watched a movie in the cinema and made a bear and of course ate lots of sweets and treats.

This month we have also been busy investigating our topic ‘Living Things’. We know how to identify living things and we have been looking at how plants grow and magnifying Mini-beasts to get a better look at the different parts of lots of insects and bugs.

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Class 6 Update - March 2019

March has been a month of madness…a birthday, Pancake Day, World Book Day, St. Patrick’s Day, drumming, dancing, the list goes on. We have had so much fun!!

We began the month with a treat lunch in McDonald’s as one of our pupils celebrated his 10th birthday!!

On World Book day, we all dressed up a character from a story and it wasn’t hard to find Wally in class 6…because there were 4!! We had a lovely day playing listening games,hearing to our favourite class story books and we also shared stories with other classes.

Pancake day was full of sensory fun…we had a go at cracking and whisking eggs, sieving flour, juicing and zesting lemons and flipping pancakes. The best part of course was eating them with lots of yummy toppings.
St. Patrick’s Day was another opportunity to dress up and have a party. We enjoyed green juice, rainbow sweets and Lucky Charm Krispies at our Junior School shared break.

This month we started dance workshops and what a co-ordinated bunch we all are, working up a sweat each week keeping up with the dance routines. We particularly enjoyed the Matador dance.

We finished off the month by bidding a fond farewell to Miss Campbell in a special assembly. We will miss her.

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Class 6 Update - February 2019

We have been continuing to learn about transport in February - looking at the parts of a car, completing a school transport survey, learning to record data, make a tally chart and reading a simple graph.

This month we also had a chance to meet our new friends from St. Mary’s who we will be meeting over the next few months as part of a Shared Education Project. We had a lovely morning playing ice breaker games and doing art activities.

In art we made beautiful charcoal penguins and we have been drawing and painting a range of land vehicles including lorries, cars and buses. We are currently working on a sea collage as we look at sea transport.

Budding bakers and confectioners that we are, this month we surpassed ourselves making some delicious raspberry ruffles in cookery. We also made top hats and chocolate buns for our Valentine’s party with class 5.

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Class 6 Update - January 2019

Class 6 all had a lovely Christmas and Santa came to everyone and brought lots of lovely presents, which we couldn’t wait to bring in and show everyone!

This month we have been as busy as ever. We have been learning about castles and designing our own castles, with some very creative and imaginative designs.

We were also learning about arctic animals and how they are adapted to survive in the cold, icy conditions. We were fascinated to learn that a polar bears skin is actually black!

In cookery, we have made Winter vegetable soup and s’mores and hot chocolate…Delicious.

Gatherin’ Drum sessions have started again, and we have great fun each week drumming with Joe. We have also started practising new songs for festival.

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Class 6 Update - November 2018

In Class 6, we have been continuing our topic of ‘Fairytales’. This month we have been looking at the ‘Gingerbread Man’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and Disney Fairytales.

The day we baked our gingerbread men was quite an experience. We had just put our gingerbread men into the oven to bake and while we weren’t looking, one escaped and off we went on a hunt around the school, following the clues he had left along the way. We found him eventually and we were so pleased with ourselves. We have also been busy sewing our own gingerbread teddies this month.
In Cookery, we have made bagel pizzas, gingerbread men and jam tarts.

The Pantomime came to visit again this year and out sides were sore laughing, we even got to do baby shark.

We have also been busy practising for our Christmas Carol Service, there are lots of words and actions to learn but Mrs Coburn has been so impressed with how quickly we have learnt them all.

We are all really looking forward to all the Christmas festivities over the next few weeks, some of us have been singing Jingle Bells since September!

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Class 6 Update - October 2018

In Class 6, we are really enjoying our ‘Fairytale’ topic. We looked at our favourite fairy tales and then explored ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Our fairy tale castle for our role play area is still under this space!

In cookery, we made pizzas, porridge for the 3 bears and a jam and cream sponge cake...which we enjoyed at an impromptu afternoon tea party during ‘Golden Time’.

In art, we have made some lovely squirrel and hedgehog pictures as well as some spooky pumpkins.

I am amazed at everyone’s progress in swimming and how many pupils in Class 6 can swim without armbands – A big well done!

We also enjoyed a lovely visit to the Donard Diner earlier this month, all of the pupils really enjoyed their delicious break and we were really impressed by the super hospitality of the senior pupils.

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Class 6 Update - September 2018

Class 6 are all really happy to be back to school and we have spent some time getting to know each other.

We have been doing lots of activities to show how we can do things all by ourselves. Our new topic for Term 1 is ‘fairy tales’ and we have started building a castle for our out for pictures in next month’s newsletter!

In cookery, we have made playdough, toasties and apple crumble. We loved using the apple coring utensil and slicing machine.

In art, we have been doing some self-portrait work and painting beautiful pictures of scarecrows.

We started swimming again last week and we are having a splashing time, everyone is so keen to show off their skills and confidence in the water.

We also had a big birthday in Class 6 this month, celebrating her 10th birthday. Happy birthday!!

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Class 6 Update - June 2018

Class 6 have been making the most of the glorious sunny weather this month with lots of learning outdoors.

We went on a trip to the Funhouse as our reward for completing the Big Work Challenge and had a ball.

This month we have been learning about life in the past looking at old and new things in our home. We especially loved watching Magic Grandad.

Two of our little butterflies hatched at the beginning of the month and we were so excited to go outside and release them - one took off before we got a chance to take a photo!

We loved making pizzas and milkshakes in cookery (and tasting them!)

The teddy bears picnic was lots of fun and we had a ball at Summer Sensory Sensations.

We have also enjoyed an occasional little visit to the park after our shopping trip to Tesco’s and we are really looking forward to our school trip! Another busy month for Class 6!

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