Class 5

Class 5 Update - October 2018

Everyone has been busy bees this month in Class 5. In numeracy, we have been sequencing numbers, completing autumn themed sets, addition and subtraction. We have also set up a shop in our class and everyone is working with coins of varying amounts. The pupils have done lots of fine motor tasks and have read new books. In World Around Us, we were learning about autumn, harvest and started our topic ‘Fairytales and Castles’. They have been studying ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ & ‘The Little Red Hen’. We planted beans seeds and are hoping they turn into beanstalks! We have sequenced the stories and learnt how bread is made. In art, we created our own beanstalk pictures, have created textured red hens and painted with wheat. This week we have been enjoying lots of Halloween table top activities, hammered nails into pumpkins, used orange playdough, made witched potions and did some spooky art and cookery. One girl turned 7 in our class and everyone enjoyed a party in school. Happy Birthday!!!

Class 5 Update - September 2018

Welcome back to another year in Class 5. The pupils have all enjoyed getting back into routine, and our two new pupils have settled really well into our class.

We have been carrying out assessments this month alongside fine motor tasks, sensory play and listening games. The pupils have enjoyed art activities and cookery sessions.

We also wish a girl in our class a very Happy 7th Birthday!!

Class 5 Update - April 2018

Another busy month for everyone in Class 5. The pupils have been enjoying role-play as Jean the cook and Chris the caretaker. We started a new numeracy topic of measures and the kids have been organising themselves from biggest to smallest/smallest to biggest. We all performed at Portadown & Newry Music Festival, and went to Solitude Park as a treat. Our class have started swimming lessons this term.

Class 5 Update - January 2018

Maggie and Larry turned 8 and enjoyed a fun day with their friends.

We have been busy learning about ‘Winter’ for our World Around Us topic. We made icicles, winter trees and we decorated winter clothes.

For Numeracy, we have been learning about money. We have been playing shops in our role play area and have been sorting coins.

We enjoyed making beans on toast, cupcakes and cheese on toast during cookery and we especially loved tasting what we had made.

Class 5 November 2017 Update

In November, we have been very busy looking at the jobs of the paramedic, doctor, fire service and police. The pupils have shown their artistic flair and painted beautiful pictures. In Numeracy, we have sorted money and made patterns. We completed lots of fine motor tasks, wrote out names and word building activities. In cookery, we made buns, biscuits and sausage rolls.

Class 5 - October 2017 update

We have been very busy bees this month. In numeracy we have been ordering numbers, making our own watches and completing autumn addition. We have done lots of fine motor tasks and reading new books. In ‘World Around Us’ we were learning about harvest and started our topic of ‘People Who Help Us’. The pupils carried out some of the jobs that Doreen and Chris do in school – answering the phone, photocopying, brushing the floors, emptying the bins and washing the windows. We looked at the jobs of the binman and watched them emptying the bins in school. The pupils had a visit from the dental hygienist and have pretended to be dentists – checking each other’s teeth and pretending to pull teeth (pink play dough, pretend teeth with tweezers! They have painted some amazing pictures of the recycle lorry, Jean the cook and Chris. This week we have been enjoying lots of Halloween table top activities, art and cookery. Grace turned 6 and enjoyed a party in school with her friends.

Class 5 - September 2017 update

Everyone has settled well into our class and our daily routine. We would like to welcome Jessica, Sara, Ryan, Maggie and Grace to Class 5. The pupils have been busy finding their way around the class and completing their assessments. We have started work on our topic ‘People Who Help Us and Autumn’ We have made rice krispie buns, chocolate cake and fifteens. They also loved completing art activities, fine motor activities and counting and sorting using practical resources.