Class 4

Class 4 Update - June 2018

A fabulous end of year for Class 4. We had sports Day, reward time at the Funhouse and a Teddy Bears Picnic. We had a challenge to see who could grow the tallest sunflower! Well done everyone! One of our pupils was awarded The Staff Cup for Outstanding Achievement at Prize Day and we enjoyed an end of year trip to Newcastle. We also had Claire’s dad join us for a Special Welcome Circle. What a busy June!

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Class 4 - September 2017 update

Class 4 have a new home out in the mobile. Everyone has settled well into familiar routines. We have been doing our cookery, P.E., work tasks, Take 10 and Attention Autism. We have been joining Class 10 in the playground for our movement breaks and all seem content and happy. Everyone was delighted to begin our Music Therapy sessions this week with Caolan. All engaged and ready for a busy year!

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