Class 4

Class 4 - September 2017 update

Class 4 have a new home out in the mobile. Everyone has settled well into familiar routines. We have been doing our cookery, P.E., work tasks, Take 10 and Attention Autism. We have been joining Class 10 in the playground for our movement breaks and all seem content and happy. Everyone was delighted to begin our Music Therapy sessions this week with Caolan. All engaged and ready for a busy year!

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Class 4 and EYP June 2016 Update

Our topic this term has been Teddy Bears. We went on a teddy bear hunt around school with the girls from Class 2. Our story has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have loved playing with the Goldilocks wig, the three bowls and spoons and the porridge oats. Congratulation to the three pupils in our Class who won trophies at prize giving – we are only sorry we cannot give awards to all our wee stars!

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April Fun in Class 4 and EYP

The children have been very busy in Class 4 and EYP. We have begun looking at our new topics of Spring and Famous Artists. We enjoyed painting our Monet inspired water lilies and poppy fields pictures.

The children have started looking at different animals and flowers in Spring. They have made sheep, lambs, daffodils and poppies as part of our displays. We planted our own sunflower and poppy seeds to take home.

We managed a walk to Solitude Park to look at daffodils and were delighted to see some sunshine. The librarians visited the class for another story. This time it was about growing a seed.

We have been entertaining visitors from Leavers class who are interested in learning about our children’s likes and preferred activities. We also gate-crashed the Queen’s birthday party in Class 6.

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Class 4 May 2016 Update

Class 4 has had a very busy month. 3 of our pupils have celebrated their birthday.

Josh had a fabulous Avengers cake and class 3 came to join us for a birthday party. We also made birthday cakes for the class. As a birthday treat we loved listening to Jo Jingles with Class 3 as our special guests.

Our topic this term has been Famous Artists. We have created a lovely Monet themed sensory corner and in art we made Van Gough’s sunflowers and Jasper John’s Number pictures.

Class 4 also loved being out in the sunshine.

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Inspired by Claude Monet!

Class 4’s topic this term has been Famous Artists. We have painted in the style of Monet- look at the fabulous Monet Sensory corner we have created in our classroom. Here are a couple of our children enjoying the sensory sensations in the Monet Garden.

  • Art work- Poppies, bridges and water lilies using the pupils art work
  • Reflecting mirrors to create a sense of depth and encourage the pupils to look at themselves.
  • Vibrating mat underneath to imitate the waves of the water
  • Tissue paper water lilies to encourage pupils to reach out
  • Mobiles with bells to create the sound of water
  • A switch activated fan to make the vertically hung water lilies move in the breeze
  • Colour changing switch activated bubble tube for the water bubbles. We have also used fibre optic tails for waves in the water.
  • And finally, the lovely scent of lavender to recreate the smell of plants around Monet’s Water Garden.

Class 4 have enjoyed making their Monet inspired corner. They have also enjoyed relaxing in this very sensory environment.

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