Class 4

Class 4 Update - November 2019

Everyone has had a busy November.

We have continued to learn about our 5 senses this month. We have been practicing Communication and Early Literacy Skills as well as Early Number and Money. One of our pupils had a birthday this month and we celebrated with a lovely birthday break. We enjoyed Sensory Sensations in the Hall when some students from Stanmillis College came to visit.

We have enjoyed Autumn and topic related Art as well as benefitting from the visits from Janet, the music therapist.

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Class 4 Update - October 2019

Class 4 have been so busy this month. We had a Maths week based on the topic ‘Dinosaurs’, a magical experience with ‘Tribe’ and sessions with the Music Therapist.

We have been learning about vision and hearing in our Topic ‘Our 5 senses’. We have also worked on our communication skills, developing our fine motor skills and play skills.

We hope that all our pupils and their families have a relaxing mid-term break.

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Class 4 Update - September 2019

The pupils have settled well into their new classroom. We have also welcomed into our class a boy who is new to our school. He is becoming more familiar with the school environment and routines.

The recent good weather has allowed us opportunities for learning through outdoor play. Other favourite activities this month have included seasonal art, sensory circuit, intensive interactions and other practical activities to develop early literacy and numeracy skills.

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