Class 3

Class 3 Update - April 2018

In our class we have been continuing to look at the Season of ‘Spring’ and introducing our new topic ‘Things that change’. We have been making the most of any good weather with learning activities outdoors. We have been learning more pictures and words through the ‘See and Learn’ approach to reading.

Everyone has been busy creating some beautiful artistic Spring masterpieces as well as developing their independence in completing tasks with new skills that they have acquired.
Numicon is being used to develop understanding of number. We are using number in a range of practical and play situations.

Class 3 Update - February 2018

Class 3 have had a busy month doing lots of activities around our topic of ‘Food’. We’ve cut and tasted fruit and vegetables, made pizza and buns, counted gingerbread men and lots more!

One pupil celebrated his 7th birthday and we had a few treats in class. We also drew round each other exploring size, Adam is our tallest in class and Alex is our shortest pupil. Pre-writing in different mediums was enjoyed by all, though maybe slightly messy!

Class 3 Update - January 2018

Everyone in Class 3 is glad to be back after the Christmas break.

We all have been very busy since our return to school. The Drumming workshop has been great fun and we can make quite a din!

We celebrated Alex’s 7th Birthday and enjoyed delicious chocolate birthday cake. Everyone has been trying hard to work more independently at their work stations.

We have been exploring the topic of ‘Winter’ through art activities and messy play. Ben has particularly enjoyed activities on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Class 3 May 2016 Update

This month the children had a great day while on the ‘Sponsored Walk’ in Moira Park. They enjoyed a picnic, a walk around the park and then into the play park before heading back to school. We also went to Newry Leisure Centre to see and hear the Ulster Orchestra. What a treat! The children are continuing their work on measures and have been weighing classroom items to see which are heavy and light. They are continuing to work on number and shape. They made Mickey Mouse Cupcakes linked to the topic ‘Famous People’. They have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and did their own interpretations of ‘Sunflowers’.

Class 3 - Farm to Fork at Tesco

Class 3 had a fantastic morning on the ‘Farm to Fork’ tour in Tesco. The children had a healthy snack in the conference room, got to go into the big fridges, scanned food at the tills and printed receipts. They visited the bakery and got to sugar and bag their own doughnuts and then went to the fish counter. They also completed activities about fruit and vegetables.

On the way back to school we walked through Solitude Park and enjoyed an ice lolly in the sun.

Class 3 ICT Links

The pupils have been enjoying using the interactive whiteboard games to enhance their learning about length, capacity and number.

These games can be found on a fantastic website called ‘Topmarks’ which can be accessed from home. All subject areas are covered on the site. Links to these games are found below:

Measuring with a ruler: 

Reading capacity in millilitres: 

Matching numbers: 

Number recognition, counting and writing numbers: 

Subtraction games: 

A very busy April in Class 3

The children planted sunflower seeds and are watching as they grow.

We have been working on capacity and patterns in Numeracy and made homemade burgers and rice pudding in cookery.

The children have loved the Tag Rugby sessions taken by the Sports Council and thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the bowling alley.

As last week was lovely and warm we had great fun integrating with classes 5, 6, 7 & 8 and enjoyed lots of sensory play outside.