Class 3

Class 3 Update - January 2020

Our Maths focus this month has been all about measures. We have been busy with lots of practical learning. We have made towers of different heights. We have sorted objects according to size and we have also been using cubes to measure the size of different objects.

We have been exploring and learning about winter. We have painted snowmen, made ice towers and snowflake pictures. We have also made bird feeders to put out in our school grounds.

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Class 3 Update - November 2019

Class 3 have been learning all about our five senses. We have been exploring our sense of taste and we have tried a range of different foods. It was a ‘thumbs up’ for the chocolate but not all the tastes were as popular!

We had great fun during our Nursery Rhymes week. We were finding spiders in the web, rowing our boat and finding and counting the sheep.

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Class 3 Update - June 2019

Our pupils have continued to learn about our ‘mini-beast’ topic. Everyone has enjoyed watching our class caterpillars transform into cocoons and are now patiently waiting on our beautiful butterflies to emerge! We have enjoyed sensory stories about our topic as well as other literacy and numeracy practical tasks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents of our pupils, for their continued support throughout the year and wish the families a very happy and safe Summer break.

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Class 3 Update - February 2019

All the pupils in Class 3 have been working hard this month. In Numeracy they have been working on the early concepts of Measure (size) as well as Number.

They have been sorting, matching and identifying pictures and words in Literacy.

They have been learning about different types of shops for our Topic work through practical activities.

They continue to create Music through use of percussion instruments and in the drumming workshops.

They have enjoyed Art and celebrated Valentine’s Day with some lovely work taken home to their parents.

P.E. is always a favourite and everyone has been exploring the sensory circuits and time in the Soft play room.

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Class 3 Update - January 2019

This month we have been learning about ‘Winter’ and have started a new Topic called ‘On my street’.

We have enjoyed exploring and trying on Winter clothes and learning from stories on this topic.

Everyone has enjoyed the Drumming workshops where we had the opportunity to make lots of noise. We also have been working really hard and have continued to work on numeracy and making sets. Everyone has been continuing with their Literacy programme to identify pictures and words. We have explored a wide range of ICT resources within the areas of numeracy and literacy.

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Class 3 Update - November 2018

Everyone in Class 3 has been working hard with a wide range of learning activities this month.

We have been exploring different types of toys and showing our preferences. We celebrated two birthdays—Liam and Harry. A good excuse for everyone to eat cake!

We commenced our tooth brushing programme and the pupils are developing tolerance and skills in this area.

Everyone has a class duty to complete daily and we are encouraging more independence with these jobs.

We lead a Junior assembly on ‘The lost Sheep’ and our Shepherd (Blake) had to look for our one lost sheep (Reuben) in the Assembly Hall.

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Class 3 Update - October 2018

In Class 3, we have been learning about Autumn, through exploring our natural environment, interacting in sensory stories and being creative with some art and craft activities. We have started our topic on ‘Toys’ and everyone is having great fun playing with different types of toys. Each of us have our favourites! We have particularly enjoyed some ICT resources this month and as always some cookery and messy play activities.

We continue to work hard in all areas including early numeracy and communication and still enjoy outdoor learning when the rain stays away!

We hope all our families enjoy the mid-term break and look forward to seeing everyone again on their return.

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Class 3 Update - September 2018

Class 3 are settling well into their new year and we have welcomed one of our friends back to Donard School. In Circle Time lessons, our learning focus has been on the skills of sitting, waiting and taking turns.

Pupils are being encouraged to follow class and individual schedules and to complete some work at their work station.

In art, we have made placemats and produced lovely art work for our Birthday board.

Everyone has had fun with messy play as well as outdoor learning, where they can explore and share the equipment with friends. We have been exploring toys in the classroom and the train track was a favourite!

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Class 3 Update - June 2018

June has been a fun month and has been flying past very quickly for Class 3. We have enjoyed learning outdoors in the warm weather. We completed our ‘Big Work Challenge’ and as a reward all of Junior School pupils went to Newry Fun House where we spent time exploring the large apparatus, playing together and we had a lovely lunch.

We eagerly watched our butterflies emerge and then released them beside the trees at our school. We enjoyed Sensory Sensations with Junior school classes and had a fabulous day at the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, where we enjoyed hotdogs, ice-cream and games.

As we approach the end of the school year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of all our pupils for your support throughout the year and wish you and your families an enjoyable, relaxing and safe summer break.

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