Class 2

Class 2 Update - January 2020

We have settled well back into school after being off for Christmas. We have enjoyed learning all about winter. From clothes and weather to colours and animals. We have experimented with how warm water melts ice, using droppers and especially enjoyed releasing the winter animals. We have created lots of beautiful winter art and loved making footprint penguins.

We are starting our topic on books and look forward to experiencing sensory stories and listening to Julia Donaldson’s tales.

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Class 2 Update - June 2019

Class 2 have had a wonderful year. Each and every one of us has made some great progress and we had lots of fun and laughter along the way. We thank all our parents for all their support during the year, it is very much appreciated. We hope you all have a happy and safe summer and wish you all the best in your new class next year.

Thank you from Claire, Kim, Julie, Robyn & Rachel

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Class 2 Update - May 2019

We have had lots of fun this month learning about mini-beasts. We have explored different types of mini-beasts in our sensory tray, read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and enjoyed participating in cookery, messy play, art and maths activities based on these books. Our ‘Disney Big Fun Week’ was the high-light of our month, especially our trip to the fun house and making our very own teddy bears.

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Class 2 Update - March 2019

We have had great fun in March exploring the colour green & making some colourful St. Patrick’s Day crafts. Our drumming workshops have been great fun and we have now started a dance class which we are really enjoying. World Book Day was lots of fun and we all thought it a bit strange that Claire was green for the day. We have welcomed a new pupil to our class and are also saying a sad farewell to Miss. Campbell who is retiring. We wish her well in her retirement and we will miss her lots.

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Class 2 Update - February 2019

Class 2 have had a really busy month. We had a café running in our role play area and the boys loved cooking up bacon and eggs for the staff. For our break one of the mornings we had bacon egg and toast in our own “class café”.

Then we celebrated Chinese New Year and just loved trying on traditional clothes from China and we tasted and explored Chinese and Asian inspired food.

Valentines cards were made and sent home along with some surprises. We loved getting messy making the cards.

Then our role play area changed to the hairdressers and we all had a restyle at class2 hairdressers. Some got a gelled up style and some a wash and blow-dry. The boys had such fun at “the hairdressers”

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Class 2 Update - January 2019

It was great to see the boys back after Christmas, all looking well rested and ready for 2019. In our communication group, we loved hearing what everyone got for Christmas from our Christmas Holiday news sheets. There was no rest for class 2! We were back on schedule and ready to start some hard work with lots of fun along the way. This term we are going to be concentrating on our independence skills - both in school and at home. We have made a great start at these skills and Well Done mums and dads for supporting this!

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Class 2 Update - November 2018

November has been such a fun month in our class. Our topic was “toys”. We had toy hunts around the school and we loved it.

In cookery we made firework breadsticks which we dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. We LOVED eating them. Claire also made scones with us and we even had enough left over to send home.

We have been loving Attention Autism this month and Claire bouncing on the cornflakes was a real source of entertainment to all the children and staff.

In ‘World Around Us’, we have been investigating hot and cold. We didn’t like touching the cold objects but we liked eating them. We explored ice- lollies, ice pops and ice cream. We even coloured our ice and painted with it. When exploring hot objects, we enjoyed some hot chocolate and making soup.

It is getting very exciting in Class 2 as we have been practicing our Christmas songs for the carol service. We can’t wait to December to learn all about Christmas!

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Class 2 Update - October 2018

We have been so busy during the month of October. We got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the launch of ‘Donard to Disney’ – we all loved this!! We have done lots of Autumn art and loved exploring Autumn vegetables. One of our favourite activities was digging for “spuds”. All the boys loved getting dirty while digging in the muck. We also enjoyed “washing” carrots in our water tray. During the month of October, we did “show and tell”. We each brought in our favourite toys from home and got to show them to all our friends in our class. Printing with Lego on our pumpkins was great fun and we have also explored the colours yellow and orange.

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Class 2 Update - September 2018

It was fantastic to see everyone back after a great summer holiday. We had a great few weeks settling in and enjoyed some really fun activities. The colour we are looking at this month is red. We have painted red hands, used Duplo to create red prints and made red sponge prints.

Playing outside is our favourite. We love playing on the bikes and in the toy cars. We have had sand play outside and water play.

We love Attention Autism and it’s so exciting to see what comes out of the bucket.

We have welcomed a new pupil to our class and he has settled in so well and loves taking part in all our activities.

We hope everyone has a great year in class 2.

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