Class 12 Update - January 2020

Class 12 have had another great month. They have been doing lots of money work as we launched our new Senior School Tuck Shop a few weeks ago. One of the main drivers for starting the Tuck Shop was to offer our pupils the opportunity to practice money skills in a functional and meaningful way. We have our accountant and stock-takers, as well as pupils who serve customers in the shop. Of course all of Class 12 act as quality control—especially for the chocolate! We are finding that this initiate is already proving to be very worthwhile.

Pupils have also been learning new skills through the topic of Winter. I think by the end of it the pupils will be very glad they live here and not in the Arctic with the Intuits. Pupils have had the opportunity to be scientists and to carry out a range of experiments using ice. If you have an icy path just ask Class 12 and they will tell you how to melt it!

We also had a birthday this month A big 15!