Class 12

Class 12 Update - June 2018

Class 12 really did enjoy their Pupil choice topic of Blue Planet II this month. We have learnt so many new things about the ocean and its inhabitants!

We have enjoyed this lovely spell of weather in June and made the most of it—eating the odd ice-cream!

Everyone enjoyed the bowling trip—celebrating the hard work that was put into the Big Work Challenge.

We are so proud of everyone's progress this year in Class 12 and hope you all have a lovely Summer holiday!

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Class 12 Update - March 2018

March was all about our Mums in Class 12. We enjoyed making cards and presents for them in class- making raspberry ruffles in cookery. We even did a little Numeracy shopping task for our Mums in Tesco—picking out a gift within a budget and working out our change. We interviewed our Mums for homework and now have some ‘Mum Selfies’ on our notice board!

A lot of members of Class 12 were involved in the official opening of the School Extension through Welcoming committees, Choir etc. Josh was especially proud that his design had been made into a sign which is now located at the entrance door of our School.

Spring has sprung in Class 12 and we are enjoying beginning to care for the plants we are growing.

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Class 12 Update - February 2018

Class 12 have had a lovely February. We really enjoyed organising and hosting a Valentine Disco with Ceara School. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! We also loved making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Class 12 have been working hard on our targets and setting new ones!! Our favourite is working on using money in different ways. We are also really enjoying our swimming and IFA Football sessions this term and don’t want them to end!!

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Class 12 Update - January 2018

Class 12 have had a busy January. We continue to go to the SRC and are nearly finished another module! We are thoroughly enjoying our weekly drumming workshop every Wednesday. Class 12 will be attending Football/Soccer sessions for the next six weeks. We are also going Swimming every Monday this term. All of this great exercise is fitting well with our new topic– Healthy Eating/ Lifestyle. We are really trying hard in Class 12 to try different healthy options at break and are enjoying this new topic.

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Class 12 Update - December 2017

December has been a busy month in Class 12.

We had been working hard for our Senior Show—A Christmas Carol. It was a great success and we are all very proud of everyone in Class 12. Everyone enjoyed the Christmas Treat Day as a reward for all the hard work. We had a lovely trip to the cinema followed by lunch in the Linen Suite in the Belmont Hotel.

The Fire Brigade visited School this month and we were given a very informative talk on Fire Safety in the home.—also a useful message.

We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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Class 12 November 2017 Update

Class 12 have had a fun filled and busy month. Great success at Banbridge Festival as we had 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in our class. We welcomed back Richard to our class and enjoyed a lovely café visit

One of our pupils also celebrated his 16th birthday.

We had a lovely trip to the ice hockey at the SSE Arena which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. They even dressed up in ice hockey gear as the players before our trip!!

SRC has remained a firm favourite as we begin our new courses- Using a camera, Baking skills and Computer safety.

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Class 12 - October 2017 update

Class 12 have had a very busy October. We have enjoyed getting stuck into our new topic - Where I Live/ Local History. Our favourite activity was looking up our houses on Streetview and Google Earth.

We have also been enjoying our weekly trips to Tesco— especially using the self service checkouts.

As usual the SRC remains a firm weekly highlight for all in Class 12— it’s been exciting and interesting learning new skills every week.

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Class 12 - September 2017 update

Class 12 have had a great first month back at school. We have all enjoyed getting to know each other and made new friendships. A few highlights this month have been:

Our Friday Cookery—everyone loves Home Economics in Class 12 and a firm favourite was toasties week when we chose our own fillings.

SRC Newry— for some members of Class 12 this has been a new experience for them and they are thoroughly enjoying it. A great opportunity for everyone.

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