Class 11

Class 11 Update - April 2018

This month class 11 have enjoyed participating in a variety of activities! We have enjoyed the drumming workshops and the yoga sessions. A big congratulations to all pupils for receiving an Eco Clubs award for participating in the grass roots programme. Some of our pupils also performed at the Newry festival which was a great success! In class we are continuing to look at how to budget our money, we are also starting our new topics on Changes and Weather!

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Class 11 Update - March 2018

Class 11 have enjoyed a variety of activities this month that has focused on being healthy. We have enjoyed participating in yoga and dance as well as tasting healthy foods during our juice and jive morning. We have enjoyed playing the drums in the drumming workshop and we are so proud of our pupils who were excellent when performing at the Armagh Theatre! Well done! We have been focusing on how to spend money well and the importance of budgeting money in our ‘money, money, money’ activity!

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Class 11 Update - February 2018

Our Eco Schools project continued in February. The class have enjoyed learning all about sea life and we have made an insect hotel. Pancake Tuesday was a great success with lots of clean plates.

We all got our creative caps on to make Valentine Cards before dancing the morning away at our Valentine Disco with Ceara. Colm had a big birthday celebration in class and enjoyed a lovely lunch courtesy of Colm’s Mum.

Healthy eating has been a big part of our topic this month and we are looking forward to trying foods from around the world.

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Class 11 Update - January 2018

What a busy January! Class 11 have had lots on and we are all very busy indeed. We have started our Grass Roots programme and we have enjoyed looking at our school grounds to make plans for a mini beast hotel. We also made bat boxes and bird feeders to try and attract some flying friends! Class 11 have enjoyed the drumming workshop on a Wednesday and everyone is great at making rhythms. We are starting our healthy eating programme this term and class 11 have already decided on the healthy options we will be making in cookery! This is great and we will be increasing our exercise in P.E by participating in dance. We have also enjoyed making winter pictures in art.

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Class 11 December 2017 Update

What a busy month!

Class11 practised lots to put on a great show. We hope you enjoyed it. Well done to the kids for their hard work throughout. We also enjoyed performing at Bannside Church and we also had a visit from Santa! We looked at safety this month and the Fire Brigade came to talk to us about how to keep safe at home! We really enjoyed our day out at the cinema and Belmont! A well deserved treat!

All the Staff in class 11 would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Class 11 November 2017 Update

Class 11 have been busy this month working on our maths topic ‘India’. We have been focusing on money this term and are enjoying using our skills to complete functional shopping tasks.

Well done to all those who attended the Banbridge Speech and Drama Festival with great success! As we now head towards our Christmas show practising is in full swing.

Ice Hockey was really enjoyable and everyone had a great time! A big Happy Birthday to T.J and Michael. We would like to welcome our new pupil into class 11, his friends have been very kind and helpful.

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Class 11 - October 2017 update

Class 11 have had a busy, busy month! We have enjoyed our Maths topic ‘Discovering India’ suggesting ways of recording information and discussing our findings. We have been investigating ‘Our Community’ and have enjoyed looking up google maps to discover how far we live form Donard school as well as who lives close to the school and far away. In art we have started to make a 3D design of Banbridge town using the junk materials sent in to school! This term we are enjoying games during P.E. For the next few weeks we have been playing rugby with classroom assistant James. The children have really enjoyed this! Fishing has finished for class 11. Our club this term is drama!

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Class 11 June 2016 Update

Here we are at the end of the school year already—it is hard to believe!

Our pupils have come such a long way over the school year, they have made progress across the board, but I am especially proud of how they have improved their communication skills. They are able to initiate conversations, encourage each other and have fun with their peers—it is lovely to see, and hear!

We continued our work learning about China—looking at their culture, famous places and food. Of course the most fun we had was cooking and tasting a variety of Chinese dishes—homemade pot noodles, chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice—it was great fun trying to use the chop sticks.

We are delighted to have 2 prize winners in our class—well done Zara for winning the Masterchef Cup and Amy for being recognised as Senior Sports Person.

Thank you so much for your continued support over the last year—we have had a lot of fun and learned a lot along the way.

Have a happy and safe summer—see you next year!

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Class 11 April Update

Spring has sprung and the pupils from Class 11 took some time out to photograph signs of Spring as part of their SRC course. This term also some our pupils took on the Big Home Challenge and for some of us the focus was on brushing the floor! We enjoyed our trip to the Sheepbridge as a reward for our hard work. Our focus in cookery has been on making simple snacks that we could manage on our own. We have been learning about volcanoes and enjoyed designing and making volcanoes using coloured chalks and creating our own with clay! Some of us are heading to the formal next month—looking forward to seeing the style!!!

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