Class 10

Class 10 Update - June 2019

We can’t believe that the school year has finished already. We had a busy year with lots of fun activities to engage in. We recently enjoyed a trip to Slieve Gullion but unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side. We didn't let it stop us though and had a great day finished off with lunch in Friar Tucks. We wish all of our pupils a happy and safe summer!

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Class 10 Update - May 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the last month this term, we have had a busy May and a fantastic 'Big Fun Week’ making lots of memories along the way.

We have been continuing with our topic ‘Earth and Space’. Experimenting with materials to make ‘fizzy planets and creating art work for our space display. We’ve also read and matched photobooks relating to Space and created a role-play rocket area. We had so much fun becoming astronauts on our interactive space mission to the moon.

‘Big Fun week’ was amazing and we had some fantastic experiences and opportunities to enjoy ourselves! We just need some sun now to bring in our ‘Summer’ topic in June.

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Class 10 Update - April 2019

We’ve come to the end of our topic ‘travel and transport’ and over the last few weeks have concentrated on learning about planes and airports. It was fun making paper planes and gliders and seeing how far we could get them to travel. Another favourite activity was exploring the contents of a suitcase.

Spring has sprung and we hope that everybody liked their flowers that we carefully arranged and wrapped.

More recently we’ve been enjoying the run up to Easter with lots of themed activities. We really enjoyed smashing eggs during Attention Autism to see what was inside. We also enjoyed decorating Easter eggs, making Easter buns and Easter egg rolling in Solitude. The Easter disco was super and we loved showing off some moves! We are proud to have taken part in a school Fair trade Food Festival...our class represented France and made lots of lovely French pastries.

We are looking forward to the nice weather that we’ve been promised and hope that everyone has a safe and fun Easter break.

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Class 10 Update - March 2019

We’ve had a busy month in Class 10. It is hard to believe it’s the end of March already. It’s time to get out and spruce up our outside area in preparation for some spring weather! We ‘ve been continuing with transport as a topic and developing links across the curriculum. Some of our pupils went on a trip on the train from Lurgan to Portadown. They thoroughly enjoyed it and represented our school so well when out and about. We are very proud of them.

We’ve been keeping fit with a weekly dance lesson and some of us have proved to be great movers!

Our focus in Numeracy over the next few weeks continues to be measure and we’ve been exploring this practically within the class. As well as measuring during work tasks, we’ve been relating it to important practical activities such as measuring the fairy liquid as we wash the dishes and noticing when the recycling bin is full and needing emptied.

We’ve also enjoyed experimenting with various ingredients that have a reaction when mixed. We worked as a group, taking turns to measure out what we needed to cause an explosion!!

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Class 10 Update - February 2019

February has been a short but busy month for class 10. We’ve been continuing with our Transport topic and have enjoyed integrating it across the curriculum. We’ve enjoyed the run up to Valentine’s day and had fun exploring the Valentine theme with our senses. We particularly enjoyed a Valentine theme sensory story, in which we explored lots of lovely pink props and tasted melted chocolate.

We celebrated a birthday this month as well and was lovely to gather round the table to eat some lovely cake!

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Class 10 Update - January 2019

Class 10 have been enjoying starting our new topic ‘Travel and Transport’. We have been exploring different methods of transport through pictures, sounds and objects.

In Numeracy, we are focusing on time and continuing to develop our number recognition and formation. We all concentrated so well during a clock match activity.

We have been continuing with our topic ‘Winter’ and have enjoyed creating ‘Winter art’ with ice cubes. One boy enjoyed creating beautiful art for our winter display. We’ve been lucky to have had a little bit of snow! Just enough to explore during sensory play!... Although some loved the fake stuff just as much!

We always enjoy cookery in class 10 and we particularly liked making and tasting potato and leek soup. We’ve all had a busy first month back after Christmas and we’re loving African drumming in our timetable each Wednesday!

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Class 10 Update - November 2018

We have been so busy in Class 10 this month. We’re coming to the end of our topic ‘World of Work’. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been learning new skills related to the laundrette; such as folding, hanging and pairing socks. We’ve also been exploring the work of Emergency Services and had a visit from the PSNI. We loved sitting in the police car and cell van and had fun taking turns to switch the siren on and off.

Autumn is nearing an end and before we embrace the Winter we are continuing to explore natural autumnal objects and autumnal colours during art and sensory group work.

We love to cook each Tuesday and have made pizza, crumble and cupcakes. We also celebrated a birthday early on this month-we all enjoyed cake, music and dancing!

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Class 10 Update - October 2018

In Class 10, we have settled in well to our new class and have started our topic ‘World of Work’. Within our topic we have explored the ‘café’. We have our own class café each Friday which involves us taking turns to exchange money and give out breaks. We’ve also been completing tasks related to the Post Office, during this we have enjoyed sorting post and wrapping and delivering parcels. We’re looking forward to moving on to looking at the ‘Laundrette’ and ‘Emergency Services’ after our Halloween break.

We have noticed the change in Season and have been busy learning about Autumn and familiarised ourselves with some natural objects. We really loved feeling and guessing what was in our ‘Autumn box’ and have enjoyed Autumn Art. We are completing some Halloween tasks and loved taking turns to choose a Halloween toy from the cauldron.

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Class 10 Update - September 2018

We have been enjoying settling in to our new class, getting used to our new room and getting used to some new and some familiar faces!

We have loved being creative during art and exploring various mark making tools. Both on the page and on ourselves!

We have also been making the most of the dry weather in our outside area, participating in an outside sensory circuit.

We have been really good at turn taking, exploring various materials and games.

Of course with all this hard work, we’ve made time to relax with our footspas!

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Class 10 Update - June 2018

Class 10 have been taking advantage of the good weather to work and play outside. We have been trying out sensory work outside in our playground. We also have been keeping our garden area in good condition by watering our fruit, vegetables and flowers. Class 10 has had the chance to try out some of the foods that we grew. Some of the things we ate included peas, carrots, lettuce and parsley. We had two prize winners at Prize Day!! One child received an award for Developing Independence in recognition of his hard work in the class garden area and another received an award for Music because of his progress and engagement with the Music Therapy sessions this year. Class 10 are all looking forward to their summer break after all the hard work they have completed this year.

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Class 10 Update - April 2018

Class 10 have been getting fingers with their new topic work revolving around conservation. Our group have been brightening up the playground with their work. We have planted plugs, bulbs and seeds to grow a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers, and recycled an old sand tray into a planter. Owen and Declan filled it up with compost; with an area for vegetables/fruits, flowers and a space for growing seeds in pots. We have already managed to get seeds to germinate and grow into small plants, these have included herbs and sunflowers. Ethan and Sophia have had a keen eye on measuring pots with compost and adding seeds. The whole group are involved with planting and maintaining this outdoor work area. We hope as the weather gets warmer we will see our plants and seeds grow quickly.

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