Class 1

Class 1 Update - April 2018

Class One pupils have been exploring Springtime. We have recently had a few opportunities to go for a walk in Solitude Park to discover some signs of Spring. We found daffodils which we handled and smelled.

We have been learning about some Spring animals including chicks and lambs. We all had a chance to dress up as a lamb– we looked very cute! We also made a lamb collage using different textures to represent the fleece. These materials included cotton wool, porridge oats and shredded paper.

We have been enjoying the “Hungry Caterpillar” story and we all got involved by helping to create a caterpillar for our story board. We used green paint, plates and our feet to paint with, it was very messy. We had a foot spa and massage afterwards which was nice and relaxing.

Recently we got a swing in class and everyone has enjoyed having a swing in it.

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Class 1 Update - January 2018

In Class 1 we have enjoyed lots of sensory experiences linked to our topic ‘Winter’. In our photos you can see us making snowmen buns, painting robins and snowy pictures and touching silver and blue things. Our lovely staff even encouraged us to touch ice and snow—some of us were not impressed! We have also been able to make as much noise as we wanted during the new drumming workshops. We had a birthday party for George and Connie and invited our friends from Class 5.

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Class 1 November 2017 Update

Class 1 has been transformed into our very own circus as part of our new topic. Both Staff and pupils have been dressed up as circus clowns with colourful wigs and big red noses – much to Connie’s amusement!

Pupils have also enjoyed Music Therapy with Caolan, especially when he plays his guitar—but he better watch out because it looks like George is after his job!

Some of our wee pupils have been poorly this month and we have really missed them in our Class. We hope our Class is back to full strength very soon.

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