Extended Schools – Sibling’s Group

Our sibling’s group has been a great success.

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The siblings have created masterpieces with Mount Ida Pottery, played games to get to know each other and had a ‘snowball fight’ to tell each other what they enjoyed. We look forward to seeing the group again on 28th February for a drumming workshop.

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Grassroots Challenge

The Eco Team, made up of members from Classes 9 and 11, are taking part in a Grassroots Challenge organised by Ulster Wildlife Trust. This is an eight-week programme that delivers a series of nature and wildlife sessions within our school grounds. The pupils will gain confidence learning about the world around them, working with others and caring for living things.

This month the pupils did a survey of their school grounds and discussed ways that they could encourage wildlife to visit. We learned all about our garden birds and we had a visit from a bat. We discovered what these creatures eat and the types of homes they live in. The Eco Team have really enjoyed the programme so far and look forward to the coming weeks.

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Early Years Update - January 2018

We have started our new topic of Nursery rhymes and all the boys have enjoyed lots of action songs and sensory play linked to each rhyme. We have explored ‘Humpty Dumpty’ boiling and cracking eggs. We made sheep with paint and wool when learning about ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and we have washed the dolls in the water tray and looked after them in our hospital role-play area for ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’ We are looking forward to lots more messy play and fun throughout this topic. A big Happy Birthday to Dennis who is a big 4!!!

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Snow Day!!

It’s that time of year when the weather can disrupt our school day. The file below parents and carers with a simple social story which will help you explain why the usual school routine has been disrupted. If you need to use it in future you can find it on the ‘Resources’ tab of this website under ‘Resources for Parents’.

Download this file (snow day social story.pdf)snow day social story.pdf[ ]1207 kB

Sports Clubs and Activities

Dianne Rollins, Donard’s Physiotherapist has gathered a list of sports clubs and activities for people with disabilities. For more information please choose the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of this page and select ‘Resources for parents’ option.

We hope this will be a useful resource for Parents and Carers.

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The Gathering Drum

A warm welcome to Joe from ‘Gathering Drum’ who took workshops throughout the day on Wednesday 10th of January. Every pupil in the school had the chance to join in at one of these drum circles. A series of drumming days has been planned for the next 8 Wednesdays – They’re already a big hit with the pupils!

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Permanent Secretary for Education visits Donard School

Mr Derek Baker (permanent secretary) and Ms Carla Condell Lockhart had a tour of the school recently. Pupils from Leavers’ Class and Class 12 were delighted to show off their Young Enterprise stall.

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Scrooge – Donard Style!

Senior school pupils have been practicing together and learning about how much hard work it takes to put on a show. Wednesday’s performance of Scrooge certainly taught us that hard work pays off! We hope you enjoyed watching the show as much as we loved performing in it – Merry Christmas Everyone!

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