Donard School Residential

Our residential visit to Whitepark Bay was a great success this year! Pupils enjoyed bowling and the cinema at the Jet Centre! The weather was lovely on most days and we certainly made the most of it on the beach! We had some down time with our friends at the café and enjoyed shopping at Jingles.

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It’s not too late to register!

Dianne Rollins, our physiotherapist, wants to highlight this fantastic and FREE opportunity for boys or girls aged 10 – 18. They can sample the exciting sport of Hockey. If your son / daughter is interested in trying out a new sport please contact the club directly at the email address below.


Mobiloo comes to Ireland

Have you ever wanted a day out with your whole family but decided not to go because there would be nowhere to allow your son / daughter to use the bathroom or get changed with dignity?

Mobiloo Vans are mobile bathroom facilities which can provide all the bathroom facilities you require to meet the needs of anyone with a mobility disability.

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Each Mobiloo has

  • an electric hoist
  • adult-sized changing bench
  • toilet with grab handles
  • wash basin
  • a smiling, welcoming driver/attendant

For a day out with the whole family here is a list of upcoming venues and events which will have a Mobiloo in attendance.

Event: Allianz Garden Show Ireland

Location:  Antrim Castle Gardens

Start Date:  Fri, May 04, 2018

Duration (days): 2

Event: Ulster Farmers Union

Location:  Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Start Date:  Sat, May 05, 2018

Duration (days): 2

Event: Steam Rally

Location:  Shane's Castle

Start Date:  Sun, May 06, 2018

Duration (days): 2

Event: Disability Exhibiton 2018

Location:  Eikon Exhibition Centre

Start Date:  Thu, May 31, 2018

Duration (days): 3

To keep up to date with future events or to find out more about the Mobiloo visit

First Communion and Confirmation

Family, friends and school staff gathered together at St Paul’s Church to celebrate the First Communion and Confirmation of some of our Junior School pupils.

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Father Wright welcomed us and our friends from Ceara School for a beautiful service.

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Class 6 Update - March 2018

This month we have been learning about the different food groups and how these foods are good for our body.

We made delicious toasties for sandwich day which were a big hit! We have also made shortbread, banana oat cookies, and Lucky Charm buns for St. Patricks Day.

This month we have celebrated 2 birthdays, Daniel turned 9 and Morgan turned 10. Happy birthday!!!

We had lots of fun on Green day, eating green food and dancing at the disco. We have had lots of fun engaging Spring and Easter themed fine motor tasks.

Our favourite activity this month was making funny fruit faces in art, we had a real giggle mixing and matching different eyes, mouths and noses on the fruit faces. We have also been reading the Supertato stories and we even made our own Supertatos and evil peas...mwahahaha!!

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Charity Juice and Jive!

There was a sea of green on St Patrick’s Day for our Charity ‘Juice and Jive’. Pupils in both junior and senior school came together for a shared fruity break and then boogied at the jive disco. A grand total of XXXX was raised for The Barnardo’s Charity. Thank you all for your kind donations.

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Yoga Workshops

A series of yoga workshops have started for both Junior and senior school. They have been funded by ‘Extended Schools” and are being led by Mrs Blanche Thompson. Blanche’s training is in Yoga for Children with Special Needs. These support our other ongoing initiatives to improve health and wellbeing for all our pupils.

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