Interschool Zumbathon

Given the success of the Annual Interschool Swimming Gala, the 5 schools in our area came together this year to arrange another joint initiative. This event was organised by Philip Oldham, Lisanally, and supported by the Sports Council NI. The pupils from the post-16 age group in the 5 schools came together and enjoyed a fun-filled morning. A colourful theme was encouraged and the pupils and staff really embraced it. They danced along to a range of tunes, including Baby Shark, Shotgun, Gangnam Style. It was an action packed 45 minutes, and something we hope will run as an annual event!

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Dance Workshops

Everyone has been enjoying the dance workshops organised by Kelly McAleese? The younger pupils have been following a 'transport theme' whilst the senior pupils have been learning samba/salsa steps. The classes have allowed pupils to explore their topics in a practical way, bringing them to life.

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Parent Mindfulness Training

Our 7-week Parent Mindfulness Training with Anne Costello has now been completed. We are very proud of the parents that received their Certification on Monday 25th February 2019. We have been delighted by the parent response to our programme and have received very positive feedback. It has been a great opportunity for parents to focus on their own wellbeing. A big Thank you to Anne Costello who has provided a fantastic programme for our parents.

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Staff Wellbeing Training

Following workshops for the parents the staff have had the opportunity to access Mindfulness training with Anne Costello. It was a great success and heightened the importance of wellbeing across the school. The staff particularly enjoyed our session on ‘How to get a Good Night’s Sleep.’

Here are some apps and books about this:


  • Calm – Mediate Sleep Relax
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
  • Headspace – Meditation App


  • Why we Sleep – Mathew Walker
  • Mindfulness and Sleep – Anna Black


Siblings Bowling at Sheepbridge

The siblings had a great time bowling at the Sheepbridge in February. There was great competition and lots of ‘strikes’ on the scoreboard! We enjoyed our tea and had special cupcakes made by the Rosehip Bakery. Our next trip will be to the cinema.

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Young Enterprise Trade Fair at Rushmere

Well done to all the pupils from Leavers' Class and Class 12 who took part in the recent Cross Border Trade Fair in Rushmere. The pupils enjoyed the experience of up-styling tins and jars. They were rewarded with a healthy overall profit which they used to buy a celebration lunch!

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Titanic Project

Classes 9 and 11 have been learning together about The Titanic. The highlights of the project were a trip to the Titanic Museum in Belfast and Tea Party back in school. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the project!

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Parent Programme for Mindfulness


There has been a good response to our Parent Programme on Mindfulness. We are delighted that in total 12 parents from our school and Edenderry Primary have availed of this opportunity. The programme is still running and parents have reported great enjoyment and benefit from the sessions.

One parent commented,

“It has been a great opportunity for parents to share the good and bad times that they face. It is good to know you are not on your own and it has provided me with a great support network and strategies to help me”.

We hope that parents continue to enjoy this programme over the coming weeks.

A big thank you to Bannside Church who have provided us with a quiet and relaxing environment for our training.