Eco Award Winners

Donard School Eco Team attended an award ceremony on Friday 23rd November for ‘Grassroots Challenge’ organised by Ulster Wildlife. The Eco Team were shortlisted for their great work including making new planters from scratch, growing plants from seed and creating a BBC School Report about the Grassroots Challenge.

Congratulations to Simon who won an ‘Eco Leader Award’ for his contributions to nature. In the Grassroots Challenge, He learned about local garden birds and how to make a bird box. He enjoyed the task so much that he decided to make a bird box for his own garden. A blue tit family soon made it their home and raised a family inside. The ‘Eco Leader’ took photos as a record of the chicks growing right until the moment when they fledged from the nest. He shared his photos and findings with the other members of the Eco Team. This young man has been an enthusiastic member of the Eco Team and an inspiration to others. The photo was taken at the award ceremony. Well done to the Eco Team and good luck as we start our new ventures this year.